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ACCEPTED PAPERS (in submission order)

004 An Improved Approximation Algorithm for Squared Metric k-Facility Location

Zhen ZhangQilong Feng

005 Maximize the Probability of Union-influenced in Social Networks

Guoyao RaoYongcai WangWenping ChenDeying LiWeili Wu

006 The Smallest Number of Vertices in a 2-Arc-Strong Digraph without Pair of Arc-Disjoint in- and out-Branchings

Ran GuGregory GutinShasha LiYongtang ShiZhenyu Taoqiu

007 Which Option is a Better Way to Improve Transfer Learning Performance ?

Honghui XuZhipeng CaiWei Li

008 Evolutionary Equilibrium Analysis for Decision on Block Size in Blockchain Systems

Jinmian ChenYukun ChengZhiqi XuYan Cao

009 Single Machine Scheduling with Rejection and Generalised Parameters

Xue YuLingfa LuLiqi Zhang

011 On the k-Colored Rainbow Sets in Fixed Dimensions

Vahideh Keikha, Hamidreza Keikha, Ali Mohades

012 Optimal Due Date Assignment without Restriction and Resource Allocation in Group Technology Scheduling

Ying Chen, Yongxi Cheng

013 The Fractional k-Truncated Metric Dimension of Graphs

Eunjeong Yi

015 New Approximation Algorithms for the Rooted Budgeted Cycle Cover Problem

Jiangkun Li, Peng Zhang

019 An Improved Approximation Algorithm for Capacitated Correlation Clustering Problem

Sai JiYukun ChengJingjing TanZhongrui Zhao

021 Parallel Algorithm For Minimum Partial Dominating Set In Unit Disk Graph

Weizhi HongZhao ZhangYingli Ran

022 On the Feedback Number of 3-Uniform Linear Extremal Hypergraph

Zhongzheng Tang, Yucong Tang, Zhuo Diao

026 Efficient Algorithms for Scheduling Parallel Jobs with Interval Constraints in Clouds

Xuanming Xu, Longkun Guo

028 Generalized Self-Profit Maximization in Attribute Networks

Liman Du, Wenguo Yang, Suixiang Gao

029 Online Bottleneck Semi-Matching

Xiao Man, Shu Zhao, Weidong Li, Jinhua Yang

030 A Multi-Pass Streaming Algorithm for Regularized Submodular Maximization

Qinqin Gong, Gao Sui-xiang, Fengmin Wang, Ruiqi Yang

034 Streaming Submodular Maximization under Differential Privacy Noise

Di Xiao, Longkun Guo, Kewen Liao, Pei Yao

035 The Complexity of Finding Optimal Subgraphs to Represent Spatial Correlation

Jessica Enright, Duncan Lee, Kitty Meeks, William Pettersson, John Sylvester

037 Two-Stage Stochastic Max-Weight Independent Set Problems

Min LiQian LiuYang Zhou

040 Parameterized Algorithms for Linear Layouts of Graphs with Respect to the Vertex Cover Number

Yunlong Liu, Yixuan Li, Jingui Huang

042 Target Coverage with Minimized Number of Camera Sensors

Pei Yao, Longkun Guo, Shuangjuan Li, Huihong Peng

043 Computing the One-Visibility Cop-Win Strategies for Trees

Boting Yang

045 Improved Parameterized Approximation for Balanced k-Median

Zhen Zhang, Qilong Feng

046 Constrained Stable Marriage with Free Edges or Few Blocking Pairs

Yinghui WenJiong Guo

047 Approximation Algorithms for Two Parallel Dedicated Machine Scheduling with Conflict Constraints

An ZhangLiang ZhangYong ChenGuangting ChenXing Wang

048 Backgammon is Hard

R. Teal Witter

049 An Improved Physical ZKP for Nonogram

Suthee Ruangwises

051 Complexity and Approximation Results on the Shared Transportation Problem

Tom Davot, Rodolphe Giroudeau, Jean-Claude König

052 Finding All Leftmost Separators of Size \leq k

Mahdi Belbasi, Martin Fürer

054 A Novel Algorithm for Max Sat Calling MOCE to Order

Daniel Berend, Shahar Golan, Yochai Twitto

055 Approximation Algorithms for Some Min-Max and Minimum Stacker Crane Cover Problems

Yuhui Sun, Wei Yu, Zhaohui Liu

059 Maximization of Monotone Non-Submodular Functions with a Knapsack Constraint over the Integer Lattice

Jingjing Tan, Fengmin Wang, Xiaoqing Zhang, Yang Zhou

062 A LP-Based Approximation Algorithm for Generalized Traveling Salesperson Path Problem

Jian Sun, Gregory Gutin, Xiaoyan Zhang

063 The Price of Anarchy of Generic Valid Utility Systems

Yin Yang, Qingqin Nong, Suning Gong, Jingwen Du, Yumei Liang

064 Succinct Data Structures for Series-Parallel, Block-Cactus and 3-Leaf Power Graphs

Sankardeep Chakraborty, Seungbum Jo, Kunihiko Sadakane, Srinivasa Rao Satti

066 Two-Stage Submodular Maximization under Curvature

Yanzhi Li, Zhicheng Liu, Chuchu Xu, Ping Li, Hong Chang, Xiaoyan Zhang

067 A Linear-Time Streaming Algorithm for Cardinality-Constrained Maximizing Monotone Non-Submodular Set Functions

Min Cui, Donglei Du, Ling Gai, Ruiqi Yang

070 The Selection of COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Programs Based on Group Decision Making

Chunsheng CuiBaiqiu LiLiu Wang

074 Directed Width Parameters on Semicomplete Digraphs

Frank Gurski, Dominique Komander, Carolin Rehs, Sebastian Wiederrecht

079 Routing and Scheduling Problems with Two Agents on a Line-Shaped Network

Hao Yan, Xiwen Lu

085 Approximation Algorithm for Min-Max Correlation Clustering Problem with Outliers

Sai Ji, Min Li, Mei Liang, Zhenning Zhang

086 On Various Open-End Bin Packing Game

Ling Gai, Weiwei Zhang, Wenchang Luo, Yukun Cheng

089 Parameterized Complexity Classes Defined by Threshold Circuits: Using Sorting Networks to Show Collapses with W-Hierarchy Classes

Raffael Paranhos, Janio Carlos Nascimento Silva, Ueverton Souza, Luiz Satoru Ochi

090 Hardness Results of Connected Power Domination for Bipartite Graphs and Chordal Graphs

Pooja Goyal, B.S. Panda

096 Two-Facility Location Games with a Minimum Distance Requirement on a Circle

Xiaoyu Wu, Lili Mei, Guochuan Zhang

099 Approximation Algorithm and Hardness Results for Defensive Domination in Graphs

Michael A Henning, Arti Pandey, Vikash Tripathi

101 On Structural Parameterizations of the Offensive Alliance Problem

Ajinkya Gaikwad, Soumen Maity

103 Cycle-Connected Mixed Graphs and Related Problems

Junran Lichen

104 Delay-Constrained Minimum Shortest Path Trees and Related Problems

Junran Lichen, Lijian Cai, Jianping Li, Suding Liu, Pengxiang Pan, Wencheng Wang

105 On Maximizing the Difference between an Approximately Submodular Function and a Linear Function Subject to a Matroid Constraint

Yijing Wang, Yicheng Xu, Xiaoguang Yang

111 Sublinear-Time Reductions for Big Data Computing

Xiangyu Gao, Jianzhong Li, Dongjing Miao

116 Open Shop Scheduling Problem with a Non-Resumable Flexible Maintenance Period

Yuan Yuan, Xin Han, Xinbo Liu, Yan Lan

119 Capacitated Partial Inverse Maximum Spanning Tree under the Weighted {l_\infty}-Norm

Xianyue Li, Ruowang Yang, Heping Zhang, Zhao Zhang

122 Routing among Convex Polygonal Obstacles in the Plane

R Inkulu, Pawan Kumar